Charitable Twitter Parties

I love that I have met so many caring, like-minded & fun people through twitter parties. Many of the people who enjoy twitter parties also happen to be parents, concerned people, or just looking to socialize. Winning prizes can be a great bonus to twitter partying as most of us know. Did you also realize that Twitter Parties are a fabulous way for charities to raise awareness? Case in point: the #bagitforward program. This is a wonderful charity that is sponsored by Walmart where anyone can purchase school supplies & a backpack and they will give that pack to a needy child. This is such a wonderful program since as we are all well aware, there are so many less fortunate who simply do not have the money to spend on school supplies. Can you even imagine how embarrassing it must be to start school & the other kids have brought in their fresh new backpacks stuffed full of supplies & you arrive empty handed? The teachers we all know do not have the budget to supplement for lacking supplies but most wind up doing just that. I have attended several twitter parties which highlighted the cause #bagitforward in this back to school season & have also attended many chats/parties involving children’s health, heart health, cancer awareness, Toys for Tots, etc. There are so many wonderful charities & twitter parties that I would encourage everyone to attend as many as your schedule will allow. I always learn a ton of useful information & get inspired to help out even more. After all, it takes a village & let’s not just twitter party for ourselves, but for the greater good!


Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with the Bag it Forward Campaign, Toys for Tots or any other mentioned charity & I was not compensated in any way for writing this post.  The opinions expressed are my own.

Featured Twitter Party of the Week: #smartmomsknow Thursday, August 30th from 8:00 to 9:00 p.m. ET

Do you remember the children’s book series “Sweet Pickles”. Well I sure do! One of my favorite twitter party hostesses @Resourcefulmom (Amy) is hosting.  I happen to love Amy’s parties because she runs them with military-like precision as far as the great questions she asks. The rules are always explained in advance & you don’t even have to RSVP to win! She chooses winners using Random & there’s no pressure with that method unlike some that choose 1st correct answer.

Here are all the party details: Sweet Pickles #smartmomsknow Twitter Party

I’ll be there too so be sure to say “Hi!”

Disclaimer: I was not endorsed in any way, shape, or form for posting my twitter party pick of the week. All opinions expressed are my own.


What are #Spammers & why they get on everyone’s nerves.

When you go to a twitter party along with sometimes upwards of 100+ other people, the hashtag of the party will start to “trend” (see for more information). Trending s a good thing. It makes the sponsors happy which then allows for more parties since the attendance rate is always rising.

You’ll know when spammers invade because they will post the most random &/or x-rates tweets usually with a link. Important: DO NOT CLICK ON A SPAMMERS LINK-EVER!!!!!!!! I cannot stress this enough since the links usually contain viruses &/or spyware which is such a huge hazard to your computer & could also infiltrate your financial data.

So what should you do when you see a spammer?

1. You can choose to ignore them-many people do this & if you are able to then this would be a great solution.

2. Complain about them…I don’t recommend this because it does nothing to stop them & takes away from the topic of the party.

3. Report them. Yes, you can simply click on the name of each spammer & when the pop up appears with the profile information, there is a drop down box next to the “follow” button. You can select “report @twittername for spam. This will block you from seeing their tweets 7 if they get enough reports Twitter will suspend that account. Please be aware that even if you report ever spammer you see in a party of several parties, there will always be more popping up because all they have to do is create a new name & account…sigh.

Spammers are a frustrating part of twitter parties but your attitude & how you deal with them also plays a big part in how much power you give them! Enjoy the parties & ignore the spammers everyone!

How to deal with prizes that never come.

If you are lucky enough & persistent with the twitter parties you will most likely win something once in a while. You may even be just one of those lucky people who seems to win all the time! As soon as you win your first prize you will want to set up a prize tracking document. For more instructions on how to do this please see this post:


You will always want to give the sponsor/fulfillment company 6 to 8 weeks to get your prize sent out to you. If it has been 8 weeks & you still have heard no sign of your prize (that is, no “heads up” from the host/sponsor that there might be some delay) then the first thing you will need to do is contact the host/sponsor to check shipping status. I always give a week time to answer back. Hopefully you will hear something back within that weeks’ time & either the host will contact the sponsor for status or the sponsor will give you a better time frame or expedite shipping. Nice times out of ten, I don’t even have to contact anyone & the prize does make its way to me. However, there are 2 prizes I am still waiting on from May so yes, this does happen & you just want to keep on it, since you’re the one who won the prize after all. I’d love to know everyone else’s experience with prize fulfillment & am including a poll to see if everyone’s experiences are similar to mine.

Thanks so much for reading & keep your eyes peeled for new posts coming soon! 

New Blog Feature: Twitter Party Calendar

I have found that a calendar is truly the best way to keep track of twitter parties, since there are just so many you don’t want to just wing it & check twitter daily. It’s important to be able to see a schedule of the parties you would like to attend right in front of you so that you can make plans to attend. There are lots of twitter party calendars floating around right now so why did I make my own? I decided to create my own twitter party calendar because I like to add the link for tweet grid right there so I can be ready at a moments notice to party! So basically the work is done for you – Yay 🙂

I’ve only done 1 day so far as well as the recurring parties for Wednesdays and will update throughout the day so I will have the rest of the week finished. Enjoy!

Twitter party highlight of the week: Join Us for the #GettinGutzy Back to School Twitter Party 8/15 8-9pm EST

Have you ever heard of Gutzy Gear before? I hadn’t until I heard about this twitter party, happening Wednesday, August 15, 2012 at 8PM EST! I’m super excited because I love the concept, which is basically removable patches that kids can attach to a Gutzy strap cover & place on clothing, bags, room decorations-the longer I think about these, the more ideas I come up with about where my kids could place these & what kind of designs they would love! Have I mentioned that there are 56 Gutzies in the series so far? Check out more details on the party here & RSVP!