Twitter “jail”

Any active twitter partier will attest to the fact that if you are enjoying the party & interacting with hosts/sponsors/other twitter users, you will most likely get to the point where you are no longer able to send out another tweet. Twitter will give you a popup message saying that your account is over your daily limit for sending tweets. The number of tweets will actually vary depending on twitter “traffic” so there is no magic number that you will be aware of. If you are a chatty type or a serious twitter partier, then you most likely have already made up a second twitter account. This will be your “jail” account. Mine happens to be @abbebrown_jail. If you do make a secondary account, please either include jail in the name or description of your account. Do not go overboard and make a third account either, since that is actually against twitter policy.

As a side note, when RSVP’ing for twitter parties you should always, if possible include your twitter jail account name as well as the regular one. You simply never know if/when you will wind up in the dreaded “twitter jail”… If you RSVP twice, because you only used your regular name & then you find yourself in “jail”, be prepared to get called out on that. It’s double RSVP’ing & the other partiers might be less than thrilled.


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