Twitter Party “Etiquette”

I will preface this by stating that I am no Emily Post or “Dear Abby” (see the irony in that?) but as a guest that has been at many parties I have noted certain “bad” behavior that tends to go on & there is some that is rather new. Here they are:

1) Plagarism You will be asked to retweet RT to answer questions and that is not what I’m talking about. Plagarism would be taking someone else’s idea as your own. I have been accused of this & was guilty-once for copying & pasting a picture that was supposed to be a temporary replacement profile picture for a certain twitter party (Freschetta). You were supposed to select from a number of different pictures supplied by the sponsor & replace your picture with one. I chose to copy & paste someones picture who I didn’t realize had changed the color ever so slightly so they could distinguish themselves. It was wrong of me to do this. I did not maliciously intend to copy anyone’s picture, but it happened. I do not move backwards but forward. I have apologized to this person but it was not accepted. That is fine. I am simply telling you my story so it doesn’t have to be yours.

2) Not reading the “rules”. Yes, most twitter parties do have rules. If there is a site with an RSVP on it, there will usually be some rules listed. A new one I’ve started seeing people ignoring is the age rule. Simply put, you must be 18 or over to be at MOST twitter parties. I actually caught a 13 year old who became a regular fixture for about a week & even won prizes at some parties! The rules are there for a reason, tweeple, let’s follow them OK? Also, you may see the rule that all tweets must be original to qualify for prizing. Good to know because so many just RT without thought when they do not have to.

3) Asking for prizes. Yes, there will be prizes. You might win or you might now win something. There may be a prize you really want and others that are more “so-so”. Please do not ask for a specific prize. I have actually seen this done & to me, it’s one of the most rude things anyone can do. Yes, you can say that’s a great prize or something to that effect but please do not say “I do not want that prize”. It’s just tacky. The sponsors are there to promote products and mass marketing on twitter allows for that to happen quickly. They are not there for the sole purpose of giving you “stuff”… moving on…

4) Whining about not winning a prize. It happens to the best of us, you go to a party thinking for sure you’ll win something & “poof”-the party is over & you’re walking away empty-handed. Take heart, everyone has good days & bad days. Most hosts do choose winners on a random basis so to complain will always look like you are whining. Do all of us a favor & don’t. Capice?

5) Not thanking the host/sponsor. The party is over & you’re in a hurry to feed the kids their dinner. Consider this, you’ve just been at a host/sponsor’s party for at least an hour and now you’re just leaving without saying goodbye. Would you do that at a dinner party? I doubt it. If you have attended a party, whether you won or not, just thank the host(s) & sponsor for the party. Pretty simple & I bet they will appreciate that you did it.


So there it is, my twitter party etiquette. Enjoy & feel free to add any other rules you would like me to add in the comments below.



2 thoughts on “Twitter Party “Etiquette”

  1. In conjunction with not complaining you didn’t win don’t complain about other people winning (unless they’re violating a rule I which case discuss with the host). We all have an equal shot and you win some you lose some. It’s a fun chance to learn about new brands and connect with people either way.

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