How to “Win” at a Twitter Party

I have attended many twitter parties, suffice to say & have won a good bit & also not won. Notice I didn’t say that I “lost”. This is because everyone at the party, provided they are within the twitter party rules (ie: usually 18 or over), has the same opportunity to win something as everyone else. There are some that do complain that the same people win all the time, or at least seem to win all the time. It’s not a coincidence that the same people win, they are just better “twitter partiers” than people.

What makes a good “twitter partier”, you ask?

  • Someone who not only answers the hosts questions, but also engages in conversation with the host as well as other partiers.
  • People who are “chatty” & have much to add to the conversation will usually win more than people who don;t have much to say.
  • Fast typists, this can be worked on & with more practice, your typing speed will increase.
  • Friendly people: this goes along with engaging in conversation. If you are bitter or don’t have much to say than most likely you will not win much since you won’t be engaging in conversations. Also, friends can have conversations within the party topics.
  • 9 times out of 10, the more tweets you have during a party, the better your chances are. Please don’t just tweet random 1 word responses, either, since that does grate on everyone’s nerves.

So there you have it. If you’ve gone to a twitter party & did not win & we’re disheartened a bit, you might want to try it again. You never know, you just might win &/or make some great new friends!


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