Tweet Grid vs. TweetChat

If you plan on attending twitter parties, then you will most likely wind up using something called an aggregator. “What is an aggregator” you ask? A twitter aggregator is a website that will automatically add-on the hashtag to your post, this is something that you will find trying if you try to twitter party from plain old twitter, since you’ll literally have to add-on the necessary party hashtag to each tweet.

There are more than 2 websites currently that aggregate tweets but the big ones are tweet grid & tweetchat.

I would recommend that beginners start with tweetchat for the simple layout, which is basically a single column format that will auto-refresh & add the party hashtag. Beware that you will need to follow the hosts tweets specifically as well, so you may want to open another window following just the host(s). If there is more than 1 host for that party you will most likely find it a pain. I also was not thrilled with the speed that tweetchat refreshes tweets & felt that I needed something with more “bells & whistles”.

This leads me to tweet grid. I was confused at first since I wasn’t aware of the twitter party setup page they have here. Instead, I started with the 1×1 & 1×2 format and added the party hashtag as well as the host(s) twitter @info. So if you’re just getting started with tweet grid, start out at the party setup page here & save yourself a ton of aggravation. To setup your party page you will simply fill in the hashtag of the party in the field next to “Party Hashtag”, then you will fill in the host(s) twitter name in the field that is labeled “Party Host(s)”, last, you will enter your twitter name next to “Your username”. When you click “Join the Party” your tweet grid will be magically filled in & you just need to keep up with the party. Oh, and have fun!

Note: I was not paid or endorsed in any way by either  tweet grid or tweetchat. All opinions are my own.


3 thoughts on “Tweet Grid vs. TweetChat

  1. Thanks for the tip about the setup page. I had no clue what I was doing and was just winging it hoping my responses were showing up. Thanks again!

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