When it gets personal or, “This is why I blocked you”

Sometimes twitter partying can get extremely intense & people get disappointed or upset that they didn’t win anything or perhaps just didn’t win what they wanted. As I’ve mentioned before, If you don’t enjoy twitter partying & are only in it for the prizes you’ll most likely be disappointed pretty often. I have run into some people lately who not just express disappointment at their loss, but get downright catty about it. Backhanded compliments mentioning how much people win do not serve any purpose & what they are is whining. This is all people will see when they read those sort of tweets so why bother? Some people do tend to win more often at parties. I have actually found that there is a definite ebb & flow. There will be days or weeks that are great for me then boom – nothing. It’s a win some/lose some proposition. Deal with it or don’t do it.

Along the lines of you win some/you lose some. There is bad sportsmanship that seems to run rampant. Name calling is NEVER OK. Also, sending catty messages to other people will most likely end up with the person you’re talking about seeing them so let’s not do that. It’s just so High School… I always make it a point to be happy for whomever wins & if I’m not thrilled at the winner I say nothing at all. Sort of goes back to the whole “If you have nothing nice to say then don’t say it.” school of thought. I have only gotten involved & said something when someone literally is breaking the rules: like the many times a 13-year-old has participated in/won prizes at parties where there were definite established rules against that. It makes it unfair to the rest of us who do play by the rules & I will speak up then.

In any case, if someone starts really being negative or name calling then I will block them. It it just not something I wish to involve myself in since I am a self-professed positive thinker & am usually pretty easygoing. It’s just a matter of protecting myself from the wrong type of people & if you’re blocked you’ll know why.

Let’s make Twitter a happy place y”all!


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