What kind of prizes draw you to a twitter party?

Let’s face it, twitter parties are fun & a great way to socialize while still wearing PJ’s but the prizes can be a real draw. Prizes allow companies to promote & discuss their brand/products while giving par-tiers a tangible incentive to attend. The larger value a prize, such as an iPad, other electronics or high dollar gift cards, the more people will attend the party.  I’d just like to throw out a poll that can be useful to both parti-ers as well as sponsors and hosts that may help to increase the number of people who attend the parties, since we all have preferences that some sponsors may not be fully aware of.

I happen to prefer when a sponsor offers at least 5 prizes to be given out during the course of a 1 hour party. I’ve been to twitter parties where there was just 1 prize (usually given at the end) the host needs to really keep up the pace at a party that offers 1 prize, because the parti-ers WILL be chomping at the bit by the end of the party. I find that if a prize is offered every 10 minutes or around that, the flow of a party goes along nicely & the host can usually keep momentum going. What are your thoughts everyone?


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