How to deal with prizes that never come.

If you are lucky enough & persistent with the twitter parties you will most likely win something once in a while. You may even be just one of those lucky people who seems to win all the time! As soon as you win your first prize you will want to set up a prize tracking document. For more instructions on how to do this please see this post:


You will always want to give the sponsor/fulfillment company 6 to 8 weeks to get your prize sent out to you. If it has been 8 weeks & you still have heard no sign of your prize (that is, no “heads up” from the host/sponsor that there might be some delay) then the first thing you will need to do is contact the host/sponsor to check shipping status. I always give a week time to answer back. Hopefully you will hear something back within that weeks’ time & either the host will contact the sponsor for status or the sponsor will give you a better time frame or expedite shipping. Nice times out of ten, I don’t even have to contact anyone & the prize does make its way to me. However, there are 2 prizes I am still waiting on from May so yes, this does happen & you just want to keep on it, since you’re the one who won the prize after all. I’d love to know everyone else’s experience with prize fulfillment & am including a poll to see if everyone’s experiences are similar to mine.

Thanks so much for reading & keep your eyes peeled for new posts coming soon! 


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