What are #Spammers & why they get on everyone’s nerves.

When you go to a twitter party along with sometimes upwards of 100+ other people, the hashtag of the party will start to “trend” (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twitter#Trending_topics for more information). Trending s a good thing. It makes the sponsors happy which then allows for more parties since the attendance rate is always rising.

You’ll know when spammers invade because they will post the most random &/or x-rates tweets usually with a link. Important: DO NOT CLICK ON A SPAMMERS LINK-EVER!!!!!!!! I cannot stress this enough since the links usually contain viruses &/or spyware which is such a huge hazard to your computer & could also infiltrate your financial data.

So what should you do when you see a spammer?

1. You can choose to ignore them-many people do this & if you are able to then this would be a great solution.

2. Complain about them…I don’t recommend this because it does nothing to stop them & takes away from the topic of the party.

3. Report them. Yes, you can simply click on the name of each spammer & when the pop up appears with the profile information, there is a drop down box next to the “follow” button. You can select “report @twittername for spam. This will block you from seeing their tweets 7 if they get enough reports Twitter will suspend that account. Please be aware that even if you report ever spammer you see in a party of several parties, there will always be more popping up because all they have to do is create a new name & account…sigh.

Spammers are a frustrating part of twitter parties but your attitude & how you deal with them also plays a big part in how much power you give them! Enjoy the parties & ignore the spammers everyone!


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