Charitable Twitter Parties

I love that I have met so many caring, like-minded & fun people through twitter parties. Many of the people who enjoy twitter parties also happen to be parents, concerned people, or just looking to socialize. Winning prizes can be a great bonus to twitter partying as most of us know. Did you also realize that Twitter Parties are a fabulous way for charities to raise awareness? Case in point: the #bagitforward program. This is a wonderful charity that is sponsored by Walmart where anyone can purchase school supplies & a backpack and they will give that pack to a needy child. This is such a wonderful program since as we are all well aware, there are so many less fortunate who simply do not have the money to spend on school supplies. Can you even imagine how embarrassing it must be to start school & the other kids have brought in their fresh new backpacks stuffed full of supplies & you arrive empty handed? The teachers we all know do not have the budget to supplement for lacking supplies but most wind up doing just that. I have attended several twitter parties which highlighted the cause #bagitforward in this back to school season & have also attended many chats/parties involving children’s health, heart health, cancer awareness, Toys for Tots, etc. There are so many wonderful charities & twitter parties that I would encourage everyone to attend as many as your schedule will allow. I always learn a ton of useful information & get inspired to help out even more. After all, it takes a village & let’s not just twitter party for ourselves, but for the greater good!


Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with the Bag it Forward Campaign, Toys for Tots or any other mentioned charity & I was not compensated in any way for writing this post.  The opinions expressed are my own.


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