Featured Party of the Week: ATT “No Text On Board” Twitter Party #itcanwaitchat

I love twitter parties that have a message that we can all use. This ATT party is a must attend for anyone who used cell phones & drives. I know that there was a time that I used to be guilty of talking &/or texting & driving. Those times have gone since I’ve seen the statistics about deadly accidents that have happened with drivers who are not fully focused on their driving. On a daily basis I still see so many people who actually hold the phone to their ear while attempting to drive. I almost always notice these people because they are not paying attention to their driving & have causes some close calls with other cars or my car. This scary issue seems to be getting worse so as a concerned parent of a teenager who is getting ready to drive, I want to make my voice heard loud & clear on the issue. Come join us Wednesday, September 19th for an important twitter party. More details can be found here. There is no RSVP.


I was not compensated for this post in any way. My opinions stated here are my own and no one else’s.

A Great Host Can Make All The Difference

Being that this blog is all about twitter parties, I think it goes without saying that there are huge differences in hosts for twitter parties. There are parties with just one fabulous host who really knows what they’re doing, keeps conversation flowing & engages all people in attendance about the brand/product. There are also parties I’ve been to where there were multiple hosts who only engage a small portion of guests and people have to make the conversation themselves. I know that there are certain hosts whose parties I love to attend & I try to attend as many of their parties as possible. There are also some hosts I try to avoid, or at least don’t seek out their parties.

As a guest, I definitely appreciate a host who:
1) Starts the party on time & doesn’t keep people guessing as to when the party will start
2) Have a plan of conversation (ie: let us know background of product/brand, ask questions, encourage conversation with all)
3) Doesn’t keep up guessing as far as prizing goes (how winners are chosen, when chosen, what you need to do to claim prize)
4) Answers important questions concerning things such as RSVP or rules.
5) Has a backup twitter handle in case of twitter jail. (Most hosts will go to twitter jail since they tweet so much) See here for more about twitter jail.


What do you think makes a great twitter party host?