A Kindness so Extraordinary. @UnMarketing

Today is Christmas Eve Day, for all those living in the Western Hemisphere & something happened last night that was no inspiring & amazing that I felt the need to write a post here on my itty bitty blog. What happened was that a gentleman by the name of Scott Stratten, who is an author, speaker & website owner did an extraordinary thing. He posted on Facebook as well as twitter for anyone to post their Amazon wish lists and then proceeded to choose many people to grant “wishes” to. I was one of those people & to say that I’m grateful by this selfless act is an understatement.

This man does not know any of us personally who posted wish lists and literally doesn’t care. This is about genuine human kindness that transcends a PR ploy. What he did is amazing and inspiring. There are actually now other people who are able to help out and have been inspired by what Scott did  and are now doing their own wish list giveaways.

What he is doing is helping so many people out in this season where money becomes all too tight, in a nation that has been bombarded by tragedy lately. We need more people who are able to do this to act on the spirit of giving. I challenge everyone, even those who do not have much, to seek out and give to strangers, whether it be buying something from someone’s wish list, to paying for the person’s groceries who is behind you or for a Starbucks cup of coffee.

I hope that anyone who agrees with me that Scott Stratten deserves some major props for what he’s doing will consider at the very least buying one of his books that can be found on Amazon right here.

I know that my faith in mankind has at the very least, slightly been restored by this extraordinary act. Let’s all do something amazing for a stranger & see how much faith in mankind is restored!


Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post in any way. My opinions stated here are my own and no one else’s. If you wish to re-post what is here please ask for permission first by using the Contact Me form.


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