To Cancel Cable, or Not to cancel Cable; that is the question

Lots of people these days, more than ever actually are cancelling their cable and going with streaming services instead to save a ton of money. Is this something you’ve been thinking of doing? Allow me to give you some pros and cons, since I recently switched back to cable after one year of using streaming services exclusively.

Before you go cancelling your cable service you’ll want to do some research on just what sort of device you want to use for your entertainment streaming purposes. Among the devices out these today are the Roku, Slingbox, Apple TV, any Smart TV, and most video game systems such as Wii, Xbox 360 and Playstation. I have a Roku as well as Xbox 360 that I’ve streamed entertainment with.

The Roku has really improved in the past year as far as the variety of entertainment options. You can access everything from Hulu and Netflix, Amazon on Demand, Pandora, Disney and more. You will get lots of bang for your buck with a Roku player, prices range from $50-$99 for most units but don’t forget about the subscription costs for services like Hulu & Netflix, which are respectively $7.99 per month. Amazon Prime will give you access not not only many entertainment options but free 2 day shipping from the internet retailer. However, and this is a big issue, you will get limited shows that you can watch, even with the subscriptions. For example, if you’re a Real Housewives fan, those shows as well as any others on Bravo network are not available at all to stream so without cable you would have to pay a per episode or seasonal fee to Amazon on Demand and the per episode cost is $2.99. Most major network shows like ABC, CBS and ABC are available to stream so if you stick to those channels you should be happy with streaming. Also something to note: all shows were available the day AFTER they aired on live TV.

The Smart TV’s and video game systems will have much more limited options as far as streaming goes, with the major services (Hulu, Amazon and Netflix)  being available but many others that are included with Roku are absent. Apple TV from what I understand costs $99 and does not include Hulu or Amazon, which makes it a no-go in my book.

After all was said and done, the savings that we had while using streaming was great, I paid $39 through Amazon Student for the prime membership, $7.99 per month for Hulu and Netflix and got my Roku for $40 on sale. I’m happy I got to experience the streaming and it’s wonderful to have as a backup, but I missed watching live TV so back to cable we are, and boy do I appreciate it more than ever.

Disclaimer: My opinions are always my own, I did not receive anything for this post.


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