Calling All Parents: Check Out Citrus Lane Box Program!

If you have ever tried subscription box programs for yourself, why not try it for your children? Citrus Lane is a Monthly Subscription Box program that is awesome at introducing the newest and coolest products for children of all ages! I just tried Citrus Lane for the first time and received their July Box. Here’s a picture for you:

And another of what’s inside:

The boxes cost $25 per month and shipping is free. There is currently a discount code out for 50% off your first box which makes it just $12.50! Wow! The code is TAKEHALF and I would suggest ordering as soon as possible before the code expires! You can sign up at my affiliate link right here.

Here’s a list of everything that was in my daughter’s box (which as made for a 3 year old girl, all boxes are age specific):

Bynto from Goodbyn: This was a an awesome bento style box with 3 compartments for storing anything. We use it for snacks but it can be used to tote little toys and crayons around too!

Dishwasher-safe Sticker Set from Goodbyn: These are fabulous stickers that my daughter used to decorate her Bynto box. They are super-fun and there’s even an allergy sticker which is great for putting on lunch boxes!

Decorate-Your-Own-Ballerina Doll from Melissa & Doug: Most parents have bought at least one Melissa & Doug product and know that the quality is terrific. This is no different. My daughter loved being able to decorate her ballerina with the included pencils, glitter glue pens and gemstone stickers. So cool and it’s a great decorating now that it’s finished.

Dried Fruits from Just Tomatoes: we got the dried bananas, which my daughter grabbed and ate almost immediately. What a hit they were, too! They are pure, fruits that are dehydrated. No additives are there, so they are completely safe for our kids and worry free!

Cool It Buddy Instant Cold Pack from Me4Kidz: This is a 2-pack of disposable, one-time use ice packs that are convenient to take with whether you’re at the beach, a sports event, or wherever! I love these so much, I’m going to be buying more!

Postagram from Sincerely, Inc.: OK, so at first glance, you can easily miss these since it was just a postcard. On the postcard, however, is a code to redeem for 10 free postcards that you customize with pictures if your own. The pictures come in a postcard form and are easily popped out with the perforated edge and they are magnetized so you can just stick them on your fridge or magnetic board! How cool it that?

Together, the value of everything in this month’s box comes to way more than $25 so for me, this is a no-brainer and something all parents should consider trying for your children!

Disclaimer: I did not receive any compensation for writing this post and my opinions, as always, are my own.


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