I’m a Puffs Fresh Faces Blogger! + #Giveaway

I received my Puffs Fresh Faces Blogger Kit and have to say, if you have not tried the Fresh Faces saline wipes yet, they are a real treat. They are “Boogie Wipes” for adults. If you haven’t heard of Boogie Wipes, then ask me sometime because I love talking all about them and I’m a “Saline Ambassador” for them. For the longest time, people I know have been asking for a “grown-up” version of a Boogie Wipe. Because they tend to have kid-friendly scents like Grape, some adults would shy away from using them. Thank goodness for the Licensing Agreement established with Proctor & Gamble and Little Busy Bodies, LLC, because we are all lucky to have Puffs Fresh Faces. The wipes come in fabulous scents like “light lavender”, “fresh scent”, “fragrance free”, and coming soon: “Vicks”! They are designed specially to meet the needs of your face, so they’re not just great for when you have a runny nose. I’ve found them to be great for removing makeup, especially with my sensitive skin, these saline wipes are a dream & they actually work!

Little Busy Bodies, LLC was established by two moms from Portland, OR who developed the saline wipes and have grown their company to reach $10 million in sales with products available in 50,000 stores across the US and Canada such as target, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, and Toys R’ Us.

You can visit http://www.boogiewipes.com for more information and http://www.puffsfreshfaces.com

I am giving away this fabulous backpack, pedometer as well as a whole box of 45 of the light lavender scent wipes from Puffs Fresh Faces!

You can enter right below by clicking on the rafflecopter link or on my Facebook page on the “Giveaway” tab!


Disclaimer: I am promoting the Puffs Fresh Faces Wipes on my own with items received from the Fresh Faces Blogger Kit, this giveaway is not sponsored by Puffs or Little Busy Bodies, LLC. The opinions stated are all my own and not those of the companies named.

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