A Few of My Favorite iPad Apps

In the year since I started using an iPad, it has become my most used mobile device. I love being able to actually read books and magazines on it, as well as surf the internet, which, let’s face it, is still not the easiest to do on a mobile phone. I have written blog posts on it, entered countless contests, and watched a ton of movies and live TV from it. I use it so much that I thought I’d post some favorite apps, maybe you’ll even find one that you never heard of to try on yous! This list is specifically for iPads, but for those with an iPhone, most of the apps are also available for those as well.

Next Issue: As a magazine junkie, I have found this app to be invaluable. You can actually subscribe to hundreds of magazines and access them on your iPad, Kindle or Android device for as little as $9.99 a month. If you find yourself in waiting rooms pretty often or are a big magazine reader then I cannot recommend this app highly enough.

Covet Fashion: Created and designed by Rachel Zoe, this app is the ultimate in shopping and it actually reminds me of when I used to dress up my Barbies when I was younger. You can create looks and even change makeup and hairstyles/colors. I’m pretty addicted to this one and if you even played dress up, then you will too!

Pinterest: On the iPad, the visuals of Pinterest are just perfect. I enjoy looking up new recipes and having them available right on the iPad (and using a stand) is better then any cookbook  I’ve seen.

HootSuite: Billed as a social media management app, I like to use it exclusively for Twitter. I find that the setup is easy and it hasn’t crashed on me like many other Twitter apps that I’ve tried.

Padgram: I love looking at my Instagram feed and with Padgram, it’s easy to search and follow new pages. I love the layout and it makes viewing multiple photos at once easy.

Spotify: I used to love Pandora, but since Spotify is now free on mobile devices, I’m a fan. I love being able to create my own playlists as well as share them and view friends’. Sharing on Facebook is easy as well and the suggestions are pretty much spot-on.

Star Wars Tiny Death Star: What can I say? I’m addicted to this game. If you like Star Wars and are tires of Angry Birds Star Wars then you might want to try this app. Where else can you get excited when Emperor Palpatine visits you?

Frozen Free Fall: I’m a huge fan of the Disney Movie Frozen and this app is a great twist on the classic “bejeweled” game. You earn new characters as you go along and Olaf the snowman even makes some appearances. The graphics are beautiful and even my 3 year old tries to play.

Day One: I use this app as my personal diary. You can write text and even add pictures and video so I could see using it for a virtual scrapbook or baby book as well. The format is simple and easy to use, as well as attractive. Password protection makes it perfect for diary keeping. I love using this app.

Google Drive: I love being able to save documents and files right from my Gmail and the Google Drive app works just as seamlessly as the desktop version.

Flixster: If you own any DVD’s with Ultraviolet versions, then you most likely already have this app. I love being able to watch my movies anywhere, as well as looking up movie reviews to see if a movie is worth paying to see.

Amazon Instant Video: We are big movie and TV watchers, and my little one especially loves being able to pull up episodes of her favorite shows. It’s easy to use and FREE when you are an Amazon Prime Member. Netflix is also great, but the cost of Amazon Prime plus the added benefits of free two-day shipping is awesome when you shop online as much as most people do.

Cozi: I could not have an app list without mentioning my favorite scheduling and list app. Being able to create a “family” account and seeing their calendars as well as being able to check shopping lists makes this app a time saver as well as a no-brainer. Love, love, love my Cozi!

Alarm Clock Sleep Sounds Pro: I’ve tried tons of alarm clock apps, but this one also has sleep sounds to help you fall asleep. I love being able to change the sounds and customize everything. There are even different “programs” for falling asleep such as “deep sleep”, “quick meditation”, and “calming relaxation” so that you can choose what works best for you. The alarm sounds are able to be customized so you can wake up peacefully and are not jarring at all.

Thanks so much for reading my app list and stay tuned for apps just for young children. My 3 year old is in love with my iPad and I’ll list all her favorite apps next.


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13 Android Apps that Rock

Living in this day and age, it’s almost impossible to be without a mobile device of some kind. I love my Samsung Galaxy III, aside from the short battery life it’s been a great phone. I’ve been using Andriod devices for many years now and while not an “expert” on the technicalities I have been trying apps for what feels like a long time. So I decided to make a list of my favorite apps. Let me know if you agree or if you think I missed any in the comments below.

Everything Home: I don’t know of anyone who owns an Andriod phone and keeps the home screen the way it was when they first turned it on. Everything Home is my absolute favorite launcher because it changes with your needs and preferences. It allows you to create “Smart Folders” and even categorizes the apps for you. When you tap on a folder, the apps it suggests or ones you add yourself are there as well as suggestions from the Google Play store. This is awesome for people who love to try the latest apps, like me.

Google Maps: There might be other map apps in the market, but this one is tried and true. The one my finger automatically goes to when I need to get directions.

Pinterest: Some people use Pinterest for keeping boards or ideas altogether. I love using it on my cell phone to look up recipes and keep them in front of me while cooking. I’m all for simplifying and this app helps a great deal with cutting down on clutter. Who needs cookbooks anymore?

Cozi Family Calendar & Lists: This app has been such a godsend for me and my family. We can each have access to the “Family” calendar and have the ability to just see our schedule as well as the whole families. You can assign a color for each family member, which makes it super-easy to see everyone’s schedule.  It also lets you make lists which can be accessed by other family members so they can see what you need from stores. The family journal is a great, easy way of keeping track of memories or anything important you want to make note of. The widgets you can add to your phone make it so simple and easy to access calendars and lists.

Cozi Family Locator (Life 360 for some devices): This app is a MUST-have for any families with children who have cell phones. It allows you to see where your family members are at all times, as long as they have the app installed and are signed into their device. You can also broadcast messages and send out an emergency SOS signal to the family. Having this app installed and on at all times was actually a requirement for my daughter to be able to get a cell phone, and it allows me the peace of mind of being able to locate her.

AccuWeather: We all need to be able to get the forecast and I’ve found this one to be the most accurate and doesn’t contain viruses or malware to harm my device. ‘Nuff said.

Couple: This is a fun app that I actually discovered not too long ago. It’s for those who are in a relationship and allows for private messaging and communication, there are some fun features like being able to sketch pictures and send them as well as “Thumb kisses”. It’s cute and serves it’s purpose for either long-distance relationships or those who want to keep in touch with their significant other throughout the day.

Catch Notes: If you find yourself taking lots of notes, this is a great app! It actually saves your notes so that you can sign in anywhere and view them so I love it.

Facebook : No app list is complete without Facebook, which has become so important  for friends, family and even networking. I know that I check mine at least 3 times a day and the app has gone through some improvements that make it easier then ever to post and message contacts.

Lifelock Wallet: This app used to be called “Lemon Wallet” but was recently purchased by LifeLock, one of the most trusted names for protecting from identity theft. It actually gives you the ability to store membership cards, credit and debit cards, as well as insurance and loyalty cards, which makes it easy for you to access the information without searching your wallet. You will choose a pin when you open the app for the first time so you know your information is protected and secure.

Locket: This is a neat screen lock app that automatically puts up changing pictures, sometimes ads and also pays you to open your screen. How cool is that? You earn a penny for each un-lock and it really does ad up, I earned $1 in the first 3 days of installing.

GasBuddy: I love being able to find the cheapest gas no matter where I am, thanks to this great little app. Who doesn’t want to save money on gas, after all?

Dropbox: This is a FREE app that gives you extra storage for files. I love being able to access my pictures and documents on any computer, mobile phone or tablet. You can sync files automatically so you have an automatic backup, which is just so excellent these days. Just a great, simple utility.

So there you have it, this is a very basic list, mind you. If I wanted to, I could list 100 top apps if I include games, mobile coupon, and entertainment apps. There are so many choices and this is a bare minimum. I hope you enjoyed reading and maybe even learned about a new app to try.


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