What’s your #DisneySide

Back in December of 2013, I hear about an opportunity to host a Disney Side party and just knew that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to apply and possibly be chosen to host, which entailed choosing a party date and setting up fun activities for friends! When I received the acceptance email in January I was absolutely thrilled and the anticipation grew even more after I joined a Facebook group for the hosts and saw that the hosts were receiving boxes with not just party supplies, but luggage as well from one of the sponsors American Tourister!

As a long-time Disney fan and former cast member I will always love Disney, from the old Mickey Mouse cartoons to the movies and theme parks. One of the reasons I love living in Central Florida is that I am close enough to visit Walt Disney World, even if it’s just for a day here and there! My children have all been bitten by the “Disney-bug” and are huge fans like their Mom.

I had just as much fun planning the party as I did hosting it! Here are some pictures of the goodies and fun we had!

Cool Mickey Mouse cookie cutters

T-Shirts and Markers to decorate from Hanes

Another sponsor of the parties: Hanes® came through in a great way by sending t-shirts and fabric markers! What a wonderful activity as well as party favor! Did you know that Hanes® even has a design-your-own shirt store at Downtown Disney?

The box was filled with goodies!

My fabulous American Tourister hostess gift


If I even have the chance to host another party for Disney I will do so in a heartbeat! If you’re interested in hosting for 2015, check back at http://www.disneysidecelebrations.com/!